Benefits of playing sports

There are many types of research demonstrate that playing sports has a majority of benefits, for example mental benefits, physical benefits, social benefits and so on. Therefore, we have to play sports and encourage children to play sports in order to have a healthy and enjoyable life. This article will give you some benefits of playing sports to help you understand its importance in our life:

1. Mental benefits

Playing sports is one of the best ways to have fun and relaxed after a long busy working day. Therefore, you will feel easy to relieve stress, tension, depression, anxiety, psychological distress, emotional disturbance, for example, aerobic fitness. Instead, you will be more active in your life, sleep well, avoid some illnesses which are related to stress, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer. Besides, it also improves your confidence when you make new friends or when you achieve a fitness goal, it seems like you can achieve any goal that you set, it brings people together from different backgrounds, communities

Woman playing tennis and waiting for the service

In the age of adolescence, it is not easy to find right time or has confident to tell private stories to parents. However, when parents play sports with their children or support them, they will feel comfortable to reveal their secret stories and ask for advice. It is the best idea of strengthening members’ family relationships.

Nowaday, technology is developing faster and faster, not only adults, children are also dependence on it by watching television, playing games on the internet the whole day. They know little about the outside world, on the other hand, when they play sports with family, friends, they will realize the beautiful world outside.

2. Physical benefits

Nowadays, a good appearance is one of the advances when you apply for a job, especially some jobs like MC (master of ceremony), PA (personal assistant). If you are overweight, don’t worry, because you just need to combine playing sports with a healthy diet regularly, it will help you: lose your weight, control your weight, change the appetite, build muscle, enhance muscular strength with endurance, strengthen bones and improve posture. Finally, you can enhance your appearance, and improve the quality of living, independence as you get older. For example, in summer, you can go swimming to increase your height, it is an effective sport to get a good body shape

Besides, your speed is improved too, you can move to a position or run away from opponents quickly, your life will be full of energy. However, the problem is you can try your best to go to the end or not, because if you stop your process early, it is not enough time to make a progress, it will be useless.

3. Social benefits

In addition, you can learn a vast of skills, for instance, cooperation when you make new friends or meet other people. And, because it is a competition, therefore, you will learn how to cooperate with others to win and you will be more competitive. Its called teamwork or leadership skills. In a difficult situation, you can deal with the problems and make decision faster.

In comparison, playing sport create opportunities for children and the youth to take part in close and valuable relationships with adults than children just live at home and stick to television, computers. They will learn how to set goal, then do their best to achieve this goal and learn that sometimes they can win, however, sometimes they can lose, it leads to a positive thinking when they need to deal with disappointment. They are problem-solving and strategic thinking. Additionally, if children like any type of sports they will want to continue playing it in the future and follow it as a goal of their life. It means they find their interest and their dreams early, they will have more chance to succeed.

In 2005, GSS carried out a survey that shows how Canadians rank the benefits of playing sports with measures: “very important”, “somewhat important” and “not important”. According to this survey, there were about 5.3 million people accounting for 73% of adult active participants rated playing sports as a “very important” source of fun, recreation, and relaxation. Physical health and fitness were in the second rank with 68% or 5 million people selecting it as a “very important” benefit of the sport. Because of these benefits, we need to play sports more,however, everything is too much, is not good. Remember that you need to follow a suitable timetable of keeping fit with a balanced diets, you will live longer.

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