A list of water sports

Summer is coming, it means we will have holidays, have more free time to enjoy our life under the sun. Playing sports is really good for you if you want to change your appearance, strength owing to its benefits. Do you want to have a fun under the sun with the deep blue water ? Do not waste your time in staying at home, let’s go out and have your own adventure. It will be a fun-filled, relaxing and memorable experience in your summer holidays with water sports. There are so many types of water sports for you and in this article, we will share some useful knowledge about water sports in order to help you to choose the suitable type for this summer, most of these types of water sports are played in Olympics, World Championships or other competitions in the world:


1. Individual water sports

If you want to go out alone or everybody you call are busy, you can do some Summer is coming, it means we will have holidays such as swimming, surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, cliff diving, fishing and so on. They require physical strength, positive attitude, perseverance. There are some typical types you can choose:

  • Swimming

One of the most popular water sports is swimming: pool swimming and open water swimming. It will test your stamina and fitness.

  • Jet skiing

This type is very amazing, exciting water sport. You will ride a one-man watercraft machine on the water without much training, however, it is quite expensive.

  • Surfing

Being different from jet skiing, in this case, you will ride a surfboard on the wave which carries you towards. The most difficult step is keeping balance.

  • Bodyboarding

If you are not good at keeping balance, instead of surfing, you can play bodyboarding. It is a surface water sport, you will lie on the board and its speed is dependent on your height, weight, and style of riding.

  • Fishing

Fishing is not much difficult because not many people have enough perseverance to wait.

2. Team water sports

These water sports are suitable when you go with your friends, your family. Its rules required your teamwork, energy, a joint effort in order to win if you are in a competition with another team. Therefore you can learn many skills and strengthen friendships or relations between members of your family.

You can go sailing using wind power for propulsion or rowing using human power to push and pull or blades against the water forces to propel your boat forward.

If you like go fast or don’t want to use your power, you can try powerboating. It is certainly a fun and interesting ride. Besides, rafting is also a famous leisure sport with a new experience, quite a danger.

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