Recreation summer sports: Have you tried?

Summer is a season of holidays, a season of going out, playing, discovering and creating. Therefore, why do not we try new sports ? It will be a new interesting experience that you never forget. To make your summer more colorful, this article will suggest some funny recreation summer sports around the world that you can play alone or with your family, your friends.

1. Bossaball


Maybe you consider what is baseball because you cannot find its definition in any dictionary. It is a new sport created by a Belgian, a combination of gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball.

In this sport, there are two teams with four or five members attending in each team. Its equipment including a net, two trampolines. You also pass the ball like in volleyball, however, you have to stand and bounce on the trampoline. If you jump out or touch the net, you will violate the rules.

2. Cycle Polo

Do you love cycling or polo? Now we have a new creative sport is cycle polo or bike polo, it means you will use your bike, not the horse. Therefore, you do not play on the grass, you can play on any hard and smooth surfaces. This sport requires two teams of three members with a street hocket ball and croquet – like mallets. Its rule is similar to normal polo, however, it has own specific principles that you can read more in

3. Octopush

This sport is not new, however, not many people know or play it. Its another name is underwater hockey which was created in England, in the 1950s. Octopush’s gear is also similar to snorkeling and water polo in wearing snorkel, fins, water polo cap, however, the different things are wearing marks, using spatula – sized sticks to hit a puck on the bottom of the pool while swimming. If players run out of air, and they must breath, they will return to the water’s surface.

In the world, there is two huge association are the British Octopush Association and the USA Underwater Hockey Association, you can find more information about this sport.

4. Aqua Zumba

Have you danced in the water? You should try Aqua Zumba, or dance in the water because it will help you improve your strength, endurance and it is very suitable if you hold a party in the water.

You can learn how to dance Zumba in the website of Zumba Fitness or ACE Fitness.

5. The Dragon boat race

This sport requires quite many members: 19 players, therefore, you should call for your extended family’s members or your close friends to race the dragon boat, and some others beat the drum. It is the combination of power, synchronization, speed and endurance.

The Dragon boat race comes from China, however, today, it becomes a modern and universal sport with 50 million players from China, over 300000 from the European countries and 90000 from Canada, the United States, according to the International Dragon Boat Federation. The biggest international Dragon boat festival is held in the San Francisco, the United States.

6. Flyboard

If you are the person who loves extreme feelings and loves height, you should try flyboarding. When you participate in this, you will tie with a jet ski on your feet to push you out of the water’s surface through a hose. You will feel like you are flying.

7. Wife carrying

It is from Finland, named Eukonkanto, and when it is translated into English, it means “wife carrying”. They held competitions that male player has to carry female partner and she will grab her legs around his neck. For example, the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, the winners will receive the quantity of beer in equal size with the female player. In this summer, you can try it with your lover or your wife, however, instead , you can carry her in your arms.

These types of sports above are a minority part in the world’s sports storage. In short, we must assert that human’s creation ability is unlimited and play sports has many a vast of benefits, for instance, mental benefits, physical benefits, and social benefits. Therefore, in this summer to make your summer more valuable and memorable, instead of wasting your time in playing the game on the internet, you can try these sports or use your creation ability to create your own exciting sports. Nevertheless, remember that every sport you take part in need to be suitable for you.

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