Tips for winning in water polo

Water polo is one of the most popular team’s water sports in the world. It is the combined between strength, intelligence, endurance, teamwork, joint effort to be successful. Some people think that it is similar to football, however, in water polo you have to use hands. If you want to improve your playing water polo ability, this article will help you by providing some necessary tips, you will become a good player:


1. Training

This is the preparation step. First of all, you need to train for speed, endurance, strength. The quantity of chance which is created to win in this game depends on your ability to cut through the water fast or not, how can you endure in this competition, whether you have enough strength to play the final minutes or not. They are all different between winners and losers in water polo in particular and water sports in general. You need to control your movement by using weights which are suitable for you every day.

2. Treading water

When you play water polo, you will spend most of your time to tread water, even when you are waiting for the ball. To tread water easily, you should keep your shoulders and your head straight, above the water by keeping your legs moving backward and forward, when staying your arms steady, however, you have to always be ready to catch the ball and use other arms to swim into other space.

3. Ball control

If you cannot thrust the ball, you will miss it, and you cannot make a shot on goal. It means your opponent will take this chance. In this sport, you are allowed to use one hand to thrust the ball at a time, therefore you should stand your feet on the bottom of pool and bounce to catch it.

4. Swimming with the ball

When you get the ball, you need swimming toward your opponents’ goal to make a shot and keep the ball away from your goal, prevent your opposing team from scoring. Remember that you should aware you teammates’ position to cooperate, therefore, you need to keep your head above the water’s surface and push the ball forward with your shoulders.

5. Dry and wet passing

In case, your opposing team surrounds you and you cannot swim, you should pass the ball to your teammates. There are two ways to pass the ball in water polo: dry pass and wet pass.

A dry pass means you throw the ball directly to your teammate’s hand without touching the water. Remember that, you need to observe carefully before throwing the ball.

In contrast, a wet pass means you throw the ball in front of your teammate who is swimming, but far away from a few feet depending on your strategy. When your opponents concentrate on the ball, you can escape your opponents.

6. Protecting the goal

If your opponent has the ball, you can surround them or keep yourself between them and the goal to make sure that they cannot pass the ball and if they throw the ball you or your teammate will catch it immediately.

7. Fouling

In water polo, you can foul the “hole man” twice, if you foul three times you will be punished a two – minute kick out. Therefore, you can use this trick to rob the “hole man” of the ball or prevent him from shooting and scoring.

8. Throwing

When you are near the opposing team’s goal and nobody catches up with you, make a shot as fast as possible, this is a good chance to score and you need to take it immediately. A key tip to help you throw the ball correctly is holding the ball steady without upper body tension. And when you make a shot, keep the ball low and make sure that it is away from the goalie.

9. Playing goalie

When you are a goalie, your job is to prevent your opposing team from scoring, therefore, remember that never take your eyes off the ball. You need to be straight, out of the water, use the strength of legs to bounce and your arms, hands are always ready to catch the ball.

Water polo is an interesting, competitive sports, so you can learn many skills from playing it. However, if you want to win in a water polo competition, in addition to nine tips above, the key things that your team needs to have are a good strategy, a good team spirit and excellent technique which is gained by training hard.

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