What is equipment for water polo?

Water polo has many benefits for our, such as mental benefits, physical benefits, social benefits. There are many forms of water polo in the United States and Europe, however, the European form is accepted universally today and it is also an Olimpic game.


Like other sports, water polo has own principle, and of course, has the particular equipment. To have a good preparation for a water polo competition, we need to know not only its principle but its equipment and choose what is suitable in order to buy wrong equipment. For example, it is regarded as soccer in the water by using hands, therefore, when buy goal, we can buy soccer goal. In another case, we can buy the incorrect size of the ball, because the size of water polo ball for men is different from the ball size for women. This situation is rare, however, it does not mean this situation will not happen, especially beginners usually make these mistakes. So in this article , we will help you know more about water polo equipment and how to buy the good one.

1. Pool

There is a variety of pool size, however, the suitable pool size for water polo is from 20 to 30 meters long and from 10 to 20 meters wide. In addition, the depth of the pool is usually at least 1,8 meters.

2. Goal

In this part, we will deal with this situation above. The goal which is used for playing water polo is different from those used for playing soccer. Firstly, its post has to float on the water’s surface, if not, the player cannot score.

In water polo, we need two goals. Each goal measures 3 meters wide and 0,9 meters high.

Additionally, we use lane ropes to distinguish the area of play and estimate distances between the goals. Buoys are used to rescue players from drowning when they are taken with cramp, or they are exhausted.

3. Ball

Ball in water polo is also very specific. It has bright yellow colour in general, however, its colour can be changed depending on the team’s age, gender, for instance, red, green, blue. Therefore, it is easy for players to realize it and follow its movement. Water polo ball’s material is waterproof to make sure players can catch, grip and pass it easily.

The size of water polo ball also depends on gender. A water polo ball used for men’s matches is 28 inches or 68 to 71 cm in circumference and it is smaller for women’s matches: 26,5 inches, about 65 – 67 cm in circumference. The reason of this difference is that the size of men’s hand is bigger than women’s.

The normal weight of water polo ball is from 14 to 16 ounces or between 400 grammes and 450 grammes, the ball has the pressure is 13 psi.

4. Swimming wear

We can assert that in water sports generally and in water polo particularly, the swimsuit is as important as the ball. However, the suitable type of swimsuit is dependent on player’s body, gender, age. Because, if swimsuit is not comfortable, players cannot concentrate on the competition, cannot do their best or show their ability, their skills. Finally, they will not get the goal they set.

Men’s swimsuits are only swimming briefs and women’s are one – piece swimsuits.

5. Protective gear

Historically, water polo was more competitive than today, fighting between players was usual. However, since 1897, when New Yorker Harold Reeder set up the first American principles, violence in water polo has decreased.

And in sports, being injury is a normal problem, but, we can avoid it when we wear protective gear. First of all, we mention the headgear which will cover player’s head and ears and protect them from injury caused when the opposing team’s members foul or the ball hits.

Moreover, in order to realize players easily, water polo also requires players have to have numbers which printed in their clothing. However, swimsuit has the limit of space for numbers, therefore, they printed numbers on the headgear.

Another important role of the headgear is separating teams or goalies. Each team wears their headgears in the different colour. Usually, if one team wear blue headgears, the other will wear white ones. Only goalies wear red headgear with the number “one”.

Mouthguard is also a water polo protective gear to defend player’s teeth, especially for the goalkeeper. According to the rules, it is not essential, however, in fact, players use it not only to protect themselves, but protect other players.

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