How to choose a wonderful electric guitar

If you are a music lover and you are into guitar or any other musical instruments, you will definitely know that to create a marvelous tune, you need the assistance of many kinds of equipment, one example for them is a standard kit of Effect pedal that includes the best reverb pedal, the best echo pedal, the best reverb pedal and so on. However, the most important factor while you play music is nothing but the very musical instrument that you are embracing, so in the case of an electric guitarist. However, many electric guitar learners do not know how to choose the best electric guitar that deserves the amount of money they spend.


Therefore, this article will give you- electric guitar beginners- some tips for choosing the most suitable electric guitar.

First, know what you want…

Starting to look into the market of electric guitar, you will immediately become dizzy with so many various types available. Looking at them one by one becomes such an impossible work. Then, what you should do at the very first is to ask yourself this question: “What kind of music do I wish to play?” Choosing the kind of music you want will help you choose the most suitable electric guitar. For example, if you love Jazz and Blues, Hollow Body Guitars will be your perfect choice. If you are into Rock or Metal, you should otherwise choose the Solid Body ones. You cannot use Hollow Body electric guitar to play Rock and Metal and so in the case of Solid body ones and Jazz or Blues.


A Solid Body electric guitar

If you feel like you love the cozy, deep tone, you should choose the electric guitar with the bigger shape like Les Paul. On the other hand, if you love the bright, pure and active tone, you should choose the ones with thinner shape, which can be Stratocaster or Ibanez.

Set the wanted price

If you have found your ideal type, you are almost there. Choosing an electric guitar is much easier than choosing a classic one because electric guitars have been made with automatic machines. You only have to be sure about its origin, its brand, and its guarantee policy. And of course, you have to feel completely satisfied with it. The next step is to find out how much money you can invest in your electric guitar. In the market nowadays, the price of an electric guitar can range from under $50 to $2000 and above. Therefore, deciding how much money you can spend will help a lot in narrowing down your choices.

You should not be too mean, however. Do not buy too cheap electric guitar. Those electric guitars that cost under $100 are not suggested, they seem to be too cheap and may easily have errors in them. Buy the ones of the medium price and above and you will be using them until you feel fed up with music, of course, that means never!

Moreover, look for the famous brand name because their qualities have been recognized by so many professional guitarists around the world. One more reason is that they will definitely provide you with a reasonable guarantee policy. One little thing is that you can boast with your friends about your electric guitar’s famous makers. And maybe one day, you will see your idols playing the same guitar with you!

The old ones

Sometimes, you can find a really good bargain if you buy old electric guitars from trustable guitarists. You can buy a good one that suits your taste at a very much lower price. However, when buying old electric guitars, you should be careful when testing its condition. You had better buy it from the ones that you can trust.

Buy the necessary accessories and equipment

Having invested in your electric guitar, you should finally save money to buy the right accessories and equipment that can help improve your performance. Without them, your electric guitar will be just like the toys of a four- year- old kid. They will create all those marvelous sound effects and breathe life into your beloved electric guitar.

Now, check the list:

  • Guitar Fuzz
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Guitar Amp
  • Effect Pedals
  • Capo
  • Expression pedal

Above are some tips you can use when considering to buy your most suitable electric guitar. Hope that you have got an overview on how to choose among various types of electric guitar nowadays. Good luck on your way to becoming a guitar star!

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